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Miles is an exceptional instructor, drummer and person. When my son Jake expressed interest in drums, I got in contact with Miles. I knew from the first conversation that he was going to be a great instructor. Jake started lessons right before Covid, once Covid hit and in-person lessons were canceled Miles continued teaching via Zoom. Then we ended up moving across the country to AZ, and Miles still continued instructing my son, and accommodated the time difference. Jake has learned so much from Miles and looks forward to each and every lesson. Jake loves to play the drums and any song he is interested in learning, Miles will teach him. One of the best thing about Miles is his character. Miles contacted me to let me know that he was having a layover here in Phoenix and asked of he could come to the house to teach Jake in person. He went out of his way to take time from his personal trip to spend time with his student, if that's not dedication, I don't know what is. My son was so excited. I would recommend Miles to anyone who is interested in drums. We still take lessons from Miles and it's been almost 2 years.

Jodi P.

Miles is truly an amazing teacher. He’s helped me progress so much. Not only does he give you worksheets and handed me a personal notebook and folder (which means a lot to me) but, he was flexible when I needed to change my times. He’s very encouraging and his rates are really unbeatable considering he’s such a good teacher. He’s patient and keeps in touch with me to make sure I’m doing okay with the homework he gives. Miles is a down to earth person and I recommend him for anyone who’s starting out or even advanced. Thanks to him I’m feeling way more confident jamming with others - I had only been playing for about a month(ish) before I started taking lessons and I feel a complete difference in my playing and confidence behind the kit. If you’re thinking about drumming TAKE LESSONS WITH HIM! It’s worth the investment.

Deanna T. 

I am over 30 years old and went to Miles with zero musical knowledge let alone any experience playing the drums. Miles reaches that perfect balance of being patient and pushing me to learn more. He has introduced information to me at a rate that is appropriate and takes the time to work through the musical concepts with me. At the same time he knows when to push forward with more challenging aspects of playing the drums to get the most out of our lessons. Miles is clearly very knowledgeable and talented and I recommend him highly if you are looking for drum lessons

Greg H.

In a word: Professional.  Miles is a great stand up guy that is a joy to work with! I came to him with two bass tracks to develop some drum tracks for an upcoming record. I already knew he was a really creative guy, but he went above and beyond. Dude grooves, plays with feel, and gives 100%. Looking forward to playing again!

Jeremy B.

Miles is an incredible drummer, teammate, and a complete professional. Slow Lights recruited him to perform with us for our residency at The 8x10 in Baltimore this summer and I couldn’t have been more pleased working with him.  He came to each and every practice on time, focused, and having prepped all of the materials to their fullest. As a performer, his drumming raised the bar for all players involved and he brought a positive energy to the entire collaboration. This experience has shaped our decision to work with him for upcoming performances and future recordings. I can’t speak highly enough about Miles and his work ethic, and I would be honored to study drums under his leadership. If you have the privilege of hiring Miles in any capacity, as a teacher or performer, don’t hesitate. 

Slow Lights

Miles is a great guy. Very reliable and professional. Learns the music through and through and provides a great pocket


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